It was a great experience...

I had a psychic reading with Medium Linda who is a warm, kind, caring person and she connected with several spirits. My mother, father, grandma, grandpa, sister and my husband. Here are a few examples of the validations that she was connecting with my loved ones.

My grandma bought me a cotton candy machine for Christmas one year (one of my favorites). Her name was Beatrice, but everyone called her Bea. She was German and taught us a few German words. Linda told me that the spirit was showing her spinning and demonstrated by circling one hand around just as I would when I was making cotton candy. Then she said language, someone speaking another language then she said B-word. Hello Grandma!

Linda connected with my husband also. She validated many things that she could not possibly know.  Most were too personal to share except one. Linda said Bono, how do you relate or connect with Bono. Well, our song was I've Got You Babe by Sony & Cher. We had it as a ringtone when we called each other. I had it played at his funeral service.

It was a great experience and I will be recommending Linda to my friends and family.


Carol said....I was extremely impressed....

 Dear Linda,
I was extremely impressed with your psychic reading, Having had several readings previously, your reading was far superior in that you supplied information that could not have possibly been known. Thank you. Signed: Carol

You really helped my sister....

We so enjoyed meeting with you today.    You did such a wonderful job as we do have a lot of family in the hereafter!!!!!    I know you really helped my sister as she always questions whether Barry is happy with her decisions.   It really gave her much comfort.    And it was wonderful for me to know my mother-in-law Lorraine is happy, her teeth are good and she's with her true love my father-in- law.     And also my parents are happy and together.  It's so comforting.   

So glad we connected.   You are so nice and really have quite a gift.   Hope to see you soon with the Rummy Q. Come play with us

Thank you again 

Much love Debbie and Amy

Phyllis said.....

Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for all you did for me today.

Yes my mother had the most beautiful ash blonde hair.

She had a best friend when she was very young named Eileen. Could be her. I keep playing all of your words over and get new meanings. Dorothy was a cousin of my mother's, and they were very close. I'm sure she is surrounded by all of these special people. 



Linda provided detailed information that was spot on!

I was introduced to Linda's work through her recent guest appearance on James Van Praagh's Hay House radio show.  It was immediately apparent that Linda had a special gift and a kind, compassionate dynamic with James and the callers. I followed up with a reading  and Linda did not disappoint! Having recently lost my two closest friends within a year, it was incredibly comforting to hear from them with their distinct voices and unique messages. Linda provided detailed information that was spot on and totally resonated  with me. I was highly impressed with Linda's ability to receive messages from spirit and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a conduit to help make that special soul connection with loved ones on the other side. 

Andrea M.

I was a skeptic until...

Your reading was the first I've ever been a part of and I must say I was very skeptical. As you moved through the spirit visit I knew it was my Gracie because she shared with you only instances that were exclusively ours including one special word we used often.

You made a believer of me and I would highly recommend you to my friends and others that they would be in trusting hands and receive accurate reporting from the Other Side. Thanks for this wonderful experience. You have brought me peace knowing that my Grace is happy and at peace. God bless you,

Jim C.